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The definition of technology strategy is the creation of an overall business plan which consists of principles, objectives, and tactics for using technology to achieve organizational objectives.

The goal is to outline and specify how technology should support overall corporate strategy spanning 3 to 5 years into the future.

It is not a new concept and always evolving. Select a template and prepare to adapt.

we cover two examples and frameworks helpful for developing your business goals and important when considering hiring technology strategy services.

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Implementing an Information Technology Strategy

At Softek, we follow industry best practices while developing custom software that always exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Prioritize Initiative Strategically

This team is typically led by the CIO/CTO of an organization, however organizations that do not have internal resources in technology positions can fill this role with external cybersecurity consultants who have technology expertise. The team must also consist of individuals from various functions across the organization, who are passionate about technology, and will serve as advocates to the rest of the organization.

Define the Plan

The next step is to thoroughly define a technology plan to align the strategy with business objectives. Once long-term business objectives are clearly identified, then a plan needs to be developed that exactly defines what needs to happen over the next three years. Note that a one or two-year plan is not going to result in a technology transformation on its own, as large-scale changes always take longer than expected.

Creative Minds

Next it is important to prioritize technology initiatives strategically. No matter what the size of an organization, there are usually never enough resources and funding to meet every demand. Ad-hoc projects will pop-up during the strategy planning process, and each business function within the organization will have their own “special projects”. It is thus important to make strategic choices in the allocation of resources to achieve planned end results and organizational objectives.

Sell Strategy to Organization

The final step is to go out and sell the new technology strategy to the organization. This step requires a comprehensive plan as to how the strategy is going to be shared with leadership, executives, and staff, including engagement, communication, and messaging. This process will require repetition to ensure all functions within the organization are on the same page on the overall timetable of the Technology Strategy. Once this has been achieved, Technology Strategy is ready for execution.

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Technology Strategy Consulting

Technology planning and the development of long-term strategy goals, will help your organization succeed in this modern world.

Whether you are looking for efficiencies, scalability, or just improved operations, implementing technology strategies is a great way to increase your growth potential. But, technological strategy can also get in the way and add extra work. Contact a technology strategy consultant to find your inefficiencies and be prepared for the future!

Why is an IT stategy Important ?

An IT strategy is an integral part of your business strategy that aims to align technology and operations with business goals. It clearly sets goals and objectives for how those technologies will be implemented and used, as well as articulates how the technology strategy supports key business objectives. By having this strategy in place, everyone within an organization knows and understands that as business needs change, technology must evolve as well. An IT strategy enables business outcomes, competitive differentiation, and customer value.